Delicious Specialist Finishes…

One of my favourite parts of the design process is sourcing new and exciting finishes to use in projects. Their uses are endless; furniture and cabinetry, headboards, and wall panelling, allowing me to create truly bespoke pieces for each of my clients. I love spending time visiting workshops to find innovative materials – the craftsmanship and skills involved inspires and amazes me.

I have put together a collection of my favourites from suppliers I have recently visited.

Hand embroidered fabric - fahmeed khalique - use couture techniques to create amazing bespoke designs

Hand-Embroidered Fabric – Fahmeed Khalique

Fameed Khalique has the most stunning collection of specialist finishes. Couture techniques have been used to create this enchanting fabric, which looks incredible made up into cushions.

Image via 

Metall FX

Liquid Metal – MetallFX

MetallFX are another incredible innovate company. Using pure liquid metal the finishes are then coated with coloured metal sprays to create completely unique finishes that can be tailor-made to suit any project.

Image via

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 13.23.22.png

Horn Lattice and Resin – Nature Squared

A company I recently discovered, Nature Squared, use sustainable materials from nature such as bone, feathers and bark. The way they put the materials into patterns, dye them and mix with resin creates outstandingly beautiful finishes. Pictured above is South African horn placed on black resin in a lattice pattern – I’m in love!

Image via

Akdo tile.png

Mosaic Glass and Marble Tile – Akdo

I fell totally in love with this tile as soon as I saw it. Akdo’s range is inspired by couture fashion and the intricate hand-cut pieces of glass within the marble is absolutely stunning.

Image via

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 18.51.34.png

Resin, Copper and Limestone – Officina Coppola

Officina Coppola’s resin finishes are hauntingly beautiful, bringing other-worldly charm to the interiors they are used in. I love the mixture of resin, copper and limestone used in this.

Image via


Plaster – Rima and Mcrea

Rima and McRae’s hand-made finishes work perfectly in chic and elegant spaces. I particularly love this textured plaster and the way such a commonplace finish has been made into something so beautiful.

Image via






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